Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute (SRFTI)

  • SRFTI is developing children's activity book that will allow children of school from different age groups to work together in understanding Ray and his contribution.

  • There will be 24 hours of recorded lectures on different aspects of the Apu trilogy, highlighting the production, camera, edit, and sound aspects of the films, the background, and history.

  • A statue of Satyajit Ray will be installed on the campus of SRFTI

  • There will be a Short Film Competition for the CILET and national schools on a theme based upon Ray’s works. (Concept Note, Rules**)

Film Division (FD)

  • The Film Division will screen the films and documentaries of Satyajit Ray on their, youtube channel

  • A dedicated section in NMIC will travel to different museums over a year.

Directorate of Film Festivals (DFF)

  • A retrospect on Ray and his works will be sent to various National and International festivals.

  • Ray’s retrospect will travel to IFFI as well.

National Film Development Corporation (NFDC)

  • NFDC will screen all the films of Satyajit Ray on their OTT platform

National Film Archive of India (NFAI)

  • NFAI will restore and digitize all the films of Satyajit Ray by May 2022

  • There will be a virtual exhibition of Ray’s films, posters, and advertisements.

  • NFAI will invite special proposals on Satyajit Ray and his films, making it a part of their research program.

  • A curated exhibition on Ray will be held at GoogleArt and Cultural platform.

Doordarshan (DD)

  • Doordarshan will set an 1 hour panel discussion program named, DD dialogue: THE RAY OF GENIUS. Mr. Milt Shefter, Internationally acclaimed film and media asset archivist and preservationist, Mr. John Bailey, former president of, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and Mr. Dhritiman Chatterjee, an acclaimed actor will join the discussion panel

  • Two more programs have been recorded on the life and works of Satyajit Ray.

  • An hour recording of an interview with veteran actor, Dhritiman Chatterjee on his experience of working with Ray will be broadcasted on the channel.